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Automationware Participates in ONE4ALL To Help Companies Leverage Robotics in Future Factories

Automationware Participates in ONE4ALL To Help Companies Leverage Robotics in Future Factories

As companies look to improve their automated processes to build the factory of tomorrow, their future success will depend on innovative equipment that allows them to respond to ever-changing challenges and opportunities. Self-reconfigurable mobile collaborative robots embedded with IIoT devices for real-time communications and control are expected to be at the heart of Industry 5.0 as part of plug-and-produce reconfigurable cyber-physical production modules (RCPMs).

At Automationware, we are proud to participate in the ONE4ALL Project, which aims to reinforce the resilience and flexibility of manufacturing lines through innovative modular and reconfigurable technologies centered on humans and sustainability. ONE4ALL is a multi-year initiative that will run through December 2026 with sponsorship from Horizon Europe, the European Union’s research and innovation funding program.

Our products and know-how will be used to demonstrate how mechatronics as well as collaborative and mobile robotics will redefine production in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Not only are we focusing on connecting automated manufacturing equipment to company resource management systems, we will also highlight how multi-agent manufacturing systems are becoming increasingly scalable and modular in response to supply chain innovations, new machine learning and AI technologies.

We are playing an integral role in ONE4ALL Work Package 4, developing innovative reconfigurable cyber-physical production modules consisting of self-reconfigurable mobile collaborative robots embedded with IIoT devices for real-time monitoring and interconnectivity — ready to install in end-users’ plants. Moreover, we will be involved in activities related to the definition of the pilots, the analysis of data collected and standardization of results.

AW Combo has played an integral role in our efforts as part of the ONE4ALL Work Package 4 project. This autonomous robotic system features a robotic arm capable of lifting 18 kilograms or more for picking, inspection or other start-up or end-of-line industrial processes. Its omnidirectional base allows the robot to move nimbly even in tight spaces.

In addition, we showcased our J-Actuator robotic joint platform at the Smart Production Solution (SPS) fair. This innovative platform helps implementers build safe, high-performance robots and cobots that can adapt to changing tasks and requirements.

Manufacturers Gain Resiliency and Flexibility Through Robotics

As the ONE4ALL project proceeds, we look forward to lending our products and expertise to advance its mission of helping small- and medium-sized food and pharmaceutical companies embrace mechatronics and robotics. By harnessing these innovative technologies, companies will gain the resilience and flexibility to meet the smart manufacturing challenges of tomorrow.

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