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Robotic Joints Deliver Optimal Torque, Speed and Accuracy for Mechatronic and Robotic Systems

Robotic Joints Deliver Optimal Torque, Speed and Accuracy for Mechatronic and Robotic Systems

Today’s industrial robots are tasked with providing highly accurate motion within limited spaces, and the torque density of robotic joints has become more critical. In addition, rotating mechanisms and robotic arms are increasingly required to support heavier loads at higher speeds. What’s more, these requirements can reduce the control that integrators have over their designs — such as their choice of servo drive, programming and customization possibilities. When building a modern rotary table or industrial robot, it can be difficult to find a robotic joint that delivers all these characteristics.

Fortunately, a new robotic joint platform aims to deliver an effective combination of torque density, speed and accuracy while also giving integrators the flexibility to configure and control systems according to their needs.

Automationware’s T-Actuator robotic joint platform optimizes torque and speed performance in rotary tables, robot arms or Delta or SCARA robots. Available in five sizes (17-20-25-32 and 40) to accommodate different systems, these lightweight, high-performance robotic joints provide:

  • Rated torque: 35 to 51 Nm (T-17 size) up to 320 to 586 Nm (T-40 size).
  • Peak torque: 44 Nm (T-17 size) up to 70 Nm (T-40 size).
  • Rated speeds: 1,200 to 3,000 rpm.
  • Maximum speeds: 2,200 to 5,000 rpm.

These ratings give T-Actuators exceptional torque density, allowing engineers to reduce the size of their design. They also offer designers the freedom to both customize and configure their T-Actuator for most any application as well as to control the unit using their desired servo drive. For example, the T-Actuator includes a special mounting flange that can be mounted vertically, which is especially useful for rotary tables. Integrated features include:

  • High-speed torque motor.
  • Harmonic gearbox.
  • Pin-lock or clutch brake system, depending on size.
  • Absolute 20-bit + 16-bit multiturn encoder on motor axis or both gearbox axes.

T-Actuator can also be equipped with a second encoder on the load side of the harmonic reducer to control stiffness.

In addition to these benefits, T-Actuators support RoboVu™ software that connects with Robot Operating System (ROS) programming tools to enable real-time control. This feature particularly simplifies connections into mechatronic systems.

Enhance Precision and Productivity for Your Mechatronic Systems

In the factory of tomorrow, torque density and high-speed rotary motion are increasingly critical requirements for robotic joints. T-Actuators offer the high torque and speed as well as a compact size essential for creating robotic systems that deliver greater precision and higher productivity — even in constrained environments.

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