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Electric Actuators Put You in Control

Electric Actuators Put You in Control

When it’s time to select a linear actuator to move a load, you’ll find a variety of hydraulic, pneumatic or electric actuators to choose from. While not all actuator types are appropriate for every application, electric actuators are versatile and offer a long list of benefits. Let’s explore some of the advantages of electric actuators, which include automationware’s Mech family of products.

Electric Actuator Advantages

Electrically driven actuators come fitted with a stepper or brushless motor, as well as an integrated encoder or other feedback source to deliver accurate control of force, speed and acceleration. Electric actuators are also programmable, giving you more flexibility when adapting different strokes to various applications.

Unlike hydraulic or pneumatic actuators, electric actuators don’t disperse or leak contaminants, making them a much cleaner option. They also require fewer external components. Additional benefits include constant cycle times, quiet operation, low maintenance and a long operating life. Taken together, these advantages can make electric actuators a more cost-effective option in the long run versus hydraulic or pneumatic units.

Advanced Electric Actuators Offer Optimal Positioning Control and Accuracy

Automationware’s Mech Series of E-actuators delivers accurate, controllable movement for almost any performance and size requirement. The series features an advanced ball screw transmission system to handle a wide range of dynamic loads and speeds with exceptional thrust performance. The units come with brushless or high-speed stepper motors and an integrated feedback encoder.

In addition, our Mech Series delivers positioning accuracy to ±0.01 millimeter. To reduce space and cost, you can couple the motors to the gearboxes or specify a sensorless version that uses motor control criteria to detect the correct position.

Versions and sizes include:

  • Mech Value in sizes 16-25-32. These feature a high-quality ball screw.
  • Mech Force in sizes 50-63-80-100-125-150. These deliver thrusts up to 190 kN force.
  • Mech Plus in sizes 50-63-80-100-125-160. These combine high dynamic load and compact size.

You can also add Automationware’s AwareVu technology to your cylinder to monitor temperature and vibrations.

Almost any application requiring accurate, repeatable load positioning in a linear direction is appropriate for electric actuators. Our Mech Series actuators are well-suited for automotive, diagnostics and healthcare, packaging, material handling, aerospace and defense, factory automation, energy and machine tool applications.

There’s a Mech Series Actuator To Match Your Needs

Today’s automated operations demand high positioning control, as well as speed and flexibility. Mech Series actuators leverage digital control, miniature ball screw technology and feedback technology to deliver high-performance motion. No matter your size, budget or force requirements, there’s a Mech Series electric actuator to meet your needs.

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