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Electronic Actuators: An Innovative and Versatile Option for Many Industries

Electronic Actuators: An Innovative and Versatile Option for Many Industries

When it comes to linear actuators, pneumatic and hydraulic systems are popular choices among machine designers. However, for applications that demand high positioning control, as well as good speed and repeatability, electric actuators are particularly attractive alternatives. They’re also safer and cleaner — with no need for air compressors, power packs or fluids that can leak. Thanks to these and many other benefits, electric actuators are exceptionally versatile.

For example, automationware’s Mech Series of programmable E-actuators provide accurate, controllable movement using sphere recirculation screw technology and electronic driving systems with encoders. These actuators satisfy a wide range of dynamic loads and speed requirements found in smart, automated factories and are appropriate for industries like:

  • Factory automation. Electric actuators perform in a variety of modern industrial manufacturing operations, and they are particularly appropriate for palletizing systems.
  • Automotive. Easy installation and programming make electric actuators well suited for automotive production and component assembly.
  • Food manufacturing. Thanks to their cleanliness, E-actuators are ideal for food extrusion machinery, as well as for cream and soap production equipment.
  • Diagnostics and healthcare. Electric actuators enable micrometric movements on scanning devices. They also offer accurate positioning for programmable diagnostic systems and simplify their design.
  • Packaging and material handling. Mech Series electric actuators are especially useful for applications that demand high forces and high speeds to move the load.
  • Aerospace and defense. You can use these actuators in navigation simulators and logistic applications.
  • Energy. Because electric actuators are easy to install and maintain, they can be controlled remotely. That’s why they’re widely used in hydroelectric and wind turbines, as well as in fuel extraction installations.
  • Machine tools. Electric actuators are simple to use in punching and “press”-type applications, as well as for bending metal sheets. You can also use them with insertion-type applications.
  • Others. Additional applications include pharmaceuticals, amusement parks and test desks that require controlled force and speed.

Mech Series actuators come in three versions, depending on your speed, force and size requirements: Mech Value small electric cylinders, Mech Force and Mech Plus for high dynamic load handling. In addition, you can monitor temperature and vibration conditions using AwareVu technology.

Ideal for Smart, Automated Systems

Although electric actuators like the Mech Series are relatively new compared to pneumatic and hydraulic actuator technologies, their long list of benefits — including precise, repeatable control and programmability — makes them desirable for smart, automated machines and processes across many industries.

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